Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I agree that I am willing and able to participate in activities of the Club including those conducted by the association to which it is affiliated. Such activities may include baseball games, selection trials, trial games, training sessions, gala days and fundraising activities wherever they may occur. I agree:

That I have taken responsibility to ensure that my health and fitness are appropriate to the activities undertaken and that I am medically fit for Baseball.

  1. To permit the Club or its proxy to obtain medical care from any qualified person should the need arise.
  2. To provide as proof of age a birth certificate or passport upon request.
  3. To return, upon request, any uniform or equipment issued by the Club in as good a condition as it was issued allowing for fair wear and tear.
  4. To reimburse the Club for the cost of replacement or repair any uniform or equipment which is lost or damaged.
  5. To allow the Club to distribute my information contained on this registration form to Club and League officials as deemed necessary by the Club, in accordance with our privacy policy.
  6. To indemnify the Club against all claims, demands, suits, actions, of any nature against the Club for loss, damage or injury arising out of participation in Baseball activities.
  7. That I will make every effort to ensure that my behaviour and that of my associates when attending games meets the ideals of good sportsmanship and does not bring the game of baseball into disrepute.
  8. I agree to abide by any/all Codes of Conduct of the Club that relate to my involvement in the Club.
  9. To reimburse the Club for any fines imposed on the Club incurred by myself.
  10. That I accept the rules of the Club and leagues, associations and governing bodies to which it is affiliated.
  11. To attend grading sessions as required and accept decisions by the Club as to the grade/team that I am assigned to and that Rangers does not guarantee placement in any particular grade or team.
  12. To obey any lawful directive given by a Club or League official.
  13. I understand and accept that as a parent of a junior player I will be required to do canteen duty from time to time as rostered at home games.
  14. I understand that the Club carries only minimal player’s insurance and that it is my responsibility to arrange adequate insurance cover according to my needs.
  15. I understand that as part of the promotional and communication activities of the Club there may be photographs taken of myself, my child or other family members engaged in activities organised by the Club for use on the Club website or in other media and I consent to these photographs being published provided that full names are not included without express permission.
  16. To the best of my knowledge, all information supplied on the registration form is correct.
  17. I have been given sufficient time to read and understand the contents of this document.

Playing baseball whilst pregnant may be dangerous. If pregnant please consult your physician before playing. Definitions: The word “Club” in this document shall mean RBC Rangers Baseball Club Inc The word “Baseball” in this document shall include T-Ball, Machine Ball (Zooka) and Baseball

This document should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.


Please note that the insurance fees that the club pays as part of the fees for each player are predominately for public liability. Personal accident / injury coverage is minimal only. Players are strongly recommended to have their own private health insurance and income protection insurance, particularly if they are self-employed.